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Skiba Auto Repair was established in April of 1997 all because a father and son team had a passion of fixing cars.  The business began with only a tool box and a couple of floor jacks.  Over the last 20 years the business has now grown from a father and son team running the show into a team of 9 employees.  As we have focused on providing our customers with honest quality service we have gained our customers loyalty and made Skiba Auto Repair what it is today.  


Norm has been in the industry for over 50 years.  Beginning at age 10 where he worked with his own father at his service station on University Avenue in Provo, Utah.  We still continue to serve customers and their families that were Norm's Fathers customers in the 1960's. He has always had a love for cars he has grown to love the car show scene and has not only helped run the Spansihf Fork City Car Show for the last 3 years.  


Todd as a child has always had a love for cars and how they worked.  His father Norm has taught him the tricks of the trade over the years.  He has worked in the industry for over twenty years and still enjoys the challenges of diagnosing and repairing the cars of yesterday and of today.  After working all day on cars he still enjoys going to his own garage to tinker on his latest project ranging from vintage 3 wheelers, snowmobiles, old cars, or his sand rail.  

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